2015 American Junior Results

St. Augustine, Fla. – There was no stopping Andrew Alligood in his quest to reach a double-digit below par tournament score. He followed up on his -7 in yesterday’s round with a -6 today to finish 14 under par for the three rounds of competition to claim the winner’s trophy.

That gave Alligood back-to-back victories in the American Junior held at the Slammer & Squire course in World Golf Village. Last year he won the event with an eight-under par 208.

Sofia Seldemirova put together seven birdies and nine holes of par in today’s competition. Only two bogeys kept her from finishing seven under. It was a great round and Seldemirova had a big smile on her face as she accepted the winner’s trophy after finishing -1 for the three rounds.
“It was a good tournament really for me,” said Seldemirova. “I am happy because it is my first time playing a tournament under par. It was a low round for me with a minus five. I am really happy with this.

The two bogeys were really, really stupid. They were the holes that I made birdies through other rounds, but still I can’t complain. It was a great round.”

For Alligood, the only thing that was missing from his game today was a red cape and a large letter “S’ on his chest. After a second round that put him eight under par for two rounds, he took the course this morning looking to accomplish a new goal.

After his outstanding game yesterday, he said his goal was to achieve a double-digit-below-par score in this tournament. That would be his first ever double-digit low tournament score.

“That was my only focus for the tournament. It was cool when you are so focused on making a goal, other than winning. It kind of distracts you from where you are on the course. Then, once I got to double digits, Rags (Justin) Ragognetti, my coach, said ‘okay let’s get to 15 under. Let’s see how low you can go.’”

Alligood admitted he had a little bit of trouble with his putting game today. If he was having difficulty, his competition must have really been having problems. He recorded eight birdies in today’s round and said he should have made three more.

“Putting is really hard on these greens,” said Alligood.” I don’t know why. They are perfectly smooth, perfectly speedy, it is just, I don’t know.
“I have not seen anybody putt well (today), including myself. I don’t know what it is. I had a lot of shorter birdie putts which helped.”
Alligood opened the day on the 10th hole and by the time he had completed three holes, he was already two under. He scored two more birdies before he completed the back nine and was already four under.

Alligood added two more birdies in the final nine holes, but a bogey on the par four 17th hole and another bogey on the 1st hole kept him to a six under in today’s play and gave him a three-round total of 202 and the 2015 American Junior championship.

Janes Lombardo from Germany finished in second place in the Boys Division with -3. He played a solid and consistent game, recording 14 pars, three birdies and one bogey on the day.

“My driving was pretty consistent, my iron game was good as well,” Lombardo said. “My putting was okay but I missed a couple of birdie putts, especially on the last three holes. I played consistent I had many greens in regulation and many fairways. I felt pretty good about the day.”
Popular Nigerian golfer Tokunbo Toks Pedro finished in third place for the Boys Division with a +1 for three days of play. The problem with his game today was that he could not take advantage of the eight birdies he hit. Those minus scores were pretty much offset by seven bogeys and one double bogey.

“I struggled off the tee but I was really good with everything else,” Perdo explained.”This course is one of those courses that you have to put yourself in position, and if you are struggling off the tee, you are going to have a lot of problems making pars.
“I had a lot of penalty strokes from tee shots and that is what put me into trouble. I was in the water and lost balls. I putted great, I hit my wedges great, I hit my irons pretty well and just kept giving, myself chances for birdies.”

Rounding out the top three in the Girls Division were Maria Fernanda Martinez from Mexico with +12 and Phu Pwint Yati Khine, finishing at +14.
The 2015 American Junior is presented by the World Junior Golf Series, a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to creating a competitive international arena for youth that will promote good citizenship, scholarship, benevolence, competitive spirit and outstanding ethical conduct through a variety of competitive sports activities and other organized learning experiences. For additional information, visit www.wjgs.org.
Sponsors for the 2015 American Junior include Titleist, Tom Burnett Golf Academy and World Junior Golf Ranking.
The top 10 finishers in each division were:

Boys Divison
Pos Total Player Country Class Today R1 R2 R3 Strokes
1 -14  Alligood, Andrew United States 2015 -6 71 65 66 202
2 -3  Lombardo, Janes Germany 2013 -2 73 70 70 213
3 1  Pedro, Tokunbo Toks Nigeria 2014 1 75 69 73 217
4 2  Krog, Stuart Zimbabwe 2014 3 74 69 75 218
5 3  Han, Phone Pyae Chan Myanmar 2017 4 75 68 76 219
T6 4  Hammer, Marc Germany 2018 -1 78 71 71 220
T6 4  Stites, Ty United States 2016 5 72 71 77 220
T6 4  Singh Brar, Arrun United Kingdom 2017 3 76 69 75 220
9 6  Dietzel, Brandon Germany 2015 1 71 78 73 222
10 7  Sithu, Hein Myanmar 2018 -1 74 78 71 223

Girls Divison
Pos Total Player Country Class Today R1 R2 R3 Strokes
1 -1  Seldemirova, Sofia Bulgaria 2017 -5 73 75 67 215
2 12  Martinez, Maria Fernanda Mexico 2019 E 80 76 72 228
3 14  Khine, Phu Pwint Yati Myanmar 2016 2 80 76 74 230
4 15  Plaumann, Livia Germany 2018 5 79 75 77 231
5 16  Root, Amelia United States 2018 6 79 75 78 232
6 17  von Heynitz, Pilar Germany 2018 1 83 77 73 233
7 19  Saksa, Elina Finland 2019 6 82 75 78 235
8 20  Traustadottir, Saga Iceland 2017 5 84 75 77 236
9 24  Grinberg, Lauren Brazil 2017 6 90 72 78 240
10 25  Root, Emily United States 2016 5 82 82 77 241

Complete results can be found online at www.wjgs.org.

Photos Attached: Photos by Graham Martin


Sofia Seldemirova (center) is presented the winner’s hardware by Tom Burnett (left), president World Junior Golf Series and Reid Whitake, 2015 American Junior tournament director.

Andrew Alligood (center) is presented the winner’s hardware by Tom Burnett (left), president World Junior Golf Series and Reid Whitake, 2015 American Junior tournament director.

Top five finishers in the Boys and Girls Divisions of the 2015 American Junior golf tournament.