About Our Junior Golf Tour

The World Junior Golf Series is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to creating a competitive Junior Golf Tour for youth that will promote good citizenship, scholarship, benevolence, competitive spirit and outstanding ethical conduct through a variety of competitive sports activities and other organized learning experiences.

The World Junior Golf Series was established following a model of excellence forwarded by two internationally renowned junior tournaments that have crossed the line from mere sporting event to a celebration of worldwide youth achievement . The tournaments have sought to provide participants and their families with transportation, room, board, and experiences that will shape their future.


This Junior Golf Tour is an international tour structure designed to showcase the best junior players (ages 12-19) on the world stage. The tournament structure shadows the ambitious operational concept of the “Harder German Junior Masters” as well as other highly recognized junior golf venues around the world. The World Junior Golf Series will commence with five international tournaments and will grow to ten in the next years. The new junior series pursues a goal of operating each tournament at “major tour” standards agreed to by tournament directors and sponsors.


The World Junior Golf Series will also initiate a new World Ranking System as a result of this international play. Those players qualifying for series play may also apply for a scholarship to the Foundation’s golf academy located at Jacksonville, Florida, that features academic and golf schooling, mental awareness and tips on how to live a healthy life.

about our junior golf tour

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The World Junior Golf Series is searching for the top male and female Junior Golfer in the world.
A series of international tournaments will be held throughout the globe in our endeavor to establish the first World Junior Ranking system and to enhance the competition for prestige play among Junior Golfers.


Every tournament will be structured and operated as a major tour event utilizing premiere courses and accommodations enhanced by experienced and caring staff and advisers. Each golfer will be regarded holistically; all physical, mental, emotional, and educational needs will be assessed and addressed by leading professionals. The challenging play, competitive spirit, and international camaraderie will culminate in the conferment of the best in the world.


The World Junior Golf Series seeks to provide junior golfers with equal opportunity to train, compete, and forward their status as world-wide junior competitors through the sanctioning of tournaments throughout the world, the establishment of a fair and accurate world ranking system, the establishment of a “World Junior Golf Championships”, and through the establishment of grants that will provide juniors with scholarships to train at a world-class golf academy with a full-time competitive junior golf program.


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By supporting the World Junior Golf Series, you help junior golfers realize their potential to become leaders as they gain the experiences needed to help them grow into active, responsible and engaged members of their communities.


The World Junior Golf Series recognizes that golf is a lifetime sport that teaches valuable skills, ethics, honor, and self-worth. Further that teaching youth through sports opens a world of opportunities and through this foundation many young men and women will be given a chance they may not have otherwise been afforded.


  • Scholarships: Full-time Academic / Competitive Golf Training
  • Series sanctioning of key international events
  • World Junior Golf Championships
  • Website: Tournament registration, reports, criteria, tournament information, and administration.


By creating a multi-day event that focuses not only on golf but also on life skills, management of travel, simple finances, health, hygiene, physical and mental fitness, college selection & recruitment, and pearls of advice from business leaders, doctors and professional athletes from all over the world.


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