Sponsors For Our Junior Golf Tour

It is important to understand that your investment is not in professional golf since the vast majority of these outstanding players will never play professional golf. Your investment is in a game and young men and women who play it and learn sound leadership principles that they will practice and teach to others as they enter their life’s work. We know the caliber of these young people and what they will bring to the table as they grow older, attributes they have learned through the competition of the game.


Your investment in the Series and Academy Grants creates an opportunity to become better known worldwide, to attract new customers, to become the “employer of choice” among these outstanding young people and an opportunity to make a business tie to the principles of the Series including worldwide leadership characteristics, ethical conduct in your businesses, strong corporate citizen in places where you do business, a sense of giving back that prevails in the Company.


We know that these attributes are sometimes hard to measure in terms of bottom line payback but in today’s worldwide business environment and some of the documented abuses, these ties are very important, if you can demonstrate the tie-in.


We would hope that being heavily involved in the Series and also in the academies would also make your employees that love the game to become very active in spending time at tournaments or visiting the teaching academies to associate with these young people. We want them to see 15 year olds signing autographs for 8 year olds, being called sir or madam as they encounter you on the premises and certainly conducting themselves as role models should. This will be one of the best experiences that your employees can have in any sport. We hope you will also help us attract a set of sponsors and donors that are the envy of the rest of junior golf around the world. We also believe that we can fashion some new business opportunities for you and other sponsors.


For major sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.