The Organization will be governed by a Board of Directors. The Chairman of such Board shall be elected by his/her peers. Officers of the Corporation may also serve as officers of the Board or simply as Board Members.

  • Board of Directors

    • Thomas C Disy -President
    • Reid Whitaker -Director
    • Lauren Cate -Director

  • Advisory Board

    • Anders Forsbrand – Austrian National Coach, European Tour Player, and former Ryder Cup
    • Steve Mona – CEO of the World Golf Foundation

Board of Directors

Board Members will serve for 1 year. Each board member will be re-elected at an annual meeting. New board members will be considered for election at the annual meeting.



Committees shall be formed and maintained for each of the major programs of the Foundation. Additionally there shall be committees governing the Development Department, Communications Department and the Capital Campaign.
Other committees may be formed as the Board of Directors sees fit, or the Executive Director of the organization may set a temporary department for a period no longer than a year, without board approval or the formation of a committee to govern such department whether temporary or permanent in nature.



A staff of necessary size will be assembled over time to perform the administrative duties and daily tasks needed to make the organization a thriving organization which gives philanthropic grants and scholarships. Staff will be minimal and compensation reasonable. Staff who head departments or serve as officers of the non-profit corporation may serve as Board Members for two consecutive terms.